Setting Up Instant

AZLabels Instant is designed to increase shipping efficiency and ease of use for operators. It requires a one-time installation of a native PC or Mac application that allows sending printing commands directly to your printer, rather than using an in-between format such as a PDF.

Printer Models Supported:

  • Rollo
  • Zebra
  • Dymo

There are only two quick steps to install AZLabels Instant:

1. Install the Tray

Download the native application below by choosing the correct link for your operating system:

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Download for Linux

Once the software is installed, it will allow AZLabels to communicate directly with your label printer.

2. Choose your printer on the AZLabels dashboard

Note: Please ensure that you are using the latest version of the AZLabels extension (1.4.0+).

Once the tray is installed and has been started successfully, head over to your dashboard. There will be a new section titled "AZLabels Instant". You will also receive a security alert to ensure that you want to connect your tray to our service. Make sure you check the "remember this decision" box to avoid seeing the security alert every time you want to do a print.

Once you have connected to the tray, you should see the Connection Status switch to "Active". The next step is to choose your printer from the dropdown:

You can set separate printers for each label type, or the same printer for both.

Once you have selected your printer, AZLabels Instant will be set up and ready to go. Now, when you click the "Print Thermal Labels" button, your labels will be sent instantly to your printer. You can test this new label printing method by using the "Print Test Label" button in the dashboard.

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