Fixing Fuzzy/Low Quality Prints from a Zebra

If you're having trouble with a Zebra printer that is printing low quality or fuzzy barcodes, sometimes to the point of being unscannable, please follow the steps below:

(Note that this is only for Windows systems)

  1. Download and install the Seagull Zebra drivers:
  2. Open the Printing Settings for the Zebra printer by going to Devices & Printers in your Control Panel, right clicking the Zebra printer, and clicking Printing Preferences.
  3. Set up your Paper Stocks with the label sizes that you're using.
  4. Switch to the Graphics tab and set Dithering to None.
  5. You can also try changing the Darkness setting in the Options tab and experiment with different settings to find the best result for your printer.

That's it! You should now have nice crisp prints.

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